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Dr. Daphne Hsiao offers over 20 years of experience in healthcare research. She brings expertise in China health policy research and analysis and in market access strategies and planning. Daphne has successfully identified China partners and investors for overseas investment, product acquisition, joint venture, and co-marketing opportunities.

Dr. Hsaio substantive experience includes managing government relations and market access. Her projects have included reimbursement, strategies and understanding Chinese governmental policies related to healthcare for the pharmaceuticals and medical devices industries. She has worked with RDPAC (R&D-based Pharmaceutical Association Committee), Takeda-Nycomed, Schering-Plough, Alcon, and MSD since August 2001. Before moving to Beijing, she worked as pharmacotherapy consultant with Medical Outcomes Management Inc. for 4 years.

Dr. Hsiao received a Ph.D. in Pharmacy Administration majoring in Health Policy Analysis and Pharmacoeconomics from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a Masters degree in Pharmacy Administration (Marketing) from the University of Minnesota, and a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Taipei Medical College in Taiwan.

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