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Andy Cramer is an experienced entrepreneur who brings over 45 years of business experience founding, building, and selling companies. As a veteran CEO, Mr. Cramer brings a breadth of knowledge in all aspects of consumer-facing companies. Mr. Cramer is the CEO of ROIgenius, a multi-industry platform that brings end-to-end business protocols and advanced intelligence to public companies, 501C3 non-profits, and privately-owned or venture-backed businesses. He is the CEO of Alternative Spaces Inc., a company that outsources wholesale technology, ranging from interactive websites, iOS and Android apps to VR/AR, AI/robotics, and advanced analytics.

Andy is a veteran in assembling large communities of individuals that share a common interest or need; retaining and encouraging participation through viral outreach and superior customer service and bringing together high functioning team members using supportive technology to monetize services and products through community engagement.

Mr. Cramer previously owned a popular chain of retail stores for twenty years, an Internet community with four million members that went public in 2004, and various other businesses. He is actively engaged in assembling the foundation for a caregiving community that will provide underserved and overworked caregivers a free Internet home that features tools to collaborate with other caregivers, a community directory for caregivers and their service providers, university connections, basic technology courses, mentorship, and emerging products and techniques.

Mr. Cramer received a Bachelor of Science from the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania.

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